St. Honoré



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St. Honoré | סֶנט-אוֹנוֹרה Within our houses, beneath our clothes and our beautiful possessions hides a wild, impulsive, two-legged beast. One bourgeois dinner with friends gives rise to some of its participants’ suppressions until a total lose of control irrupts.

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Directed by Yotam Laor

Written by Yotam Laor

Produced by Ori Amiti

Cast Naomi Levov - Stabbing Psychopath
Yotam Laor - Psychopath stabbed
Gaia Shlita Katz - Stunning host
Ofek Nick Cohen - Stunning host

Key Creatives
Sefi Nachmani - Director of Photography
Omar Melamed - Editing
Gal Lev - Original Music
Ira Katzman - Art
Roy Hollander - Lighting
Nur Stedler - Sound Recording
Gal Lev - Sound Design
Lior Levy - 1st Assistant Camera
Adi Navon - 1st Assistant Director
Roni Rabinovich - Makeup
Amit Ayalon - Graphic Design
Lior Rubinstein - Coloring

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