The Uncanny Valley



Availability ended 8/28/2021 BST
Are you afraid?
Desperate for a clue to a mysterious case, an Investigator pushes for a last minute interview with his only witness: an A.I. called ANDI-7291. There's only one problem, fearing the A.I. is corrupt, the scientists at Lang Industries made the suspicious decision to wipe her memory. Now The Investigator has about 10 minutes to find out if any memories remain before ANDI-7291 is dismantled by the scientists.


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Directed by Julia Beney

Written by Julia Beney
Jacqueline Godbout

Production Company Rather Unimpressive Films

Produced by Julia Beney
Katie Giglio
Jacqueline Godbout

Cast Jacqueline Godbout - “ANDI-7291” - (A Girl
A Boy
A Penny and a Very
Very Long Road; In Its Wake; Out To Lunch)
Raymond Tong - “The Investigator” - (Disasters at Sea; Friends with Strangers; Road of Hope: The Spiritual Journey of Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan)
Kristen MacCulloch - “Dr. Melinda Maddox” - (Psycho Goreman; American Dynasties: The Kennedys; The Vault)
Jaemoon Lee - “Dr. Heo Jun” - (Kim's Convenience; A Safe Space; Red Dragon: Part One; Artificial Selection)
Jennifer Busuttil - “Dr. Lettie Lang” - (They/Them)

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