The Secret Life of Jim Henry



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'A stray sentence of conversation curling away from you around a corner of the officer that promises ......adventure'
Jim Henry works as a network systems programmer, following his natural curiosity for language, Jim has embarked on a new secret life. This film is part of a series of films titled ‘Secret Lives’ combining the artistry and experiences of UK learning disability group ‘Arty Party, the film direction of Ray Jacobs and the writings of NYT best selling fantasy author Jeff Vandermeer. The films are touring galleries and festivals in the UK contained within an antiquated cabinet. Opening the doors reveal film loops , sounds and glimpses of Secret Lives

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Directed by Ray Jacobs

Written by Jeff Vandermeer

Production Company Arty Party

Cast Simon Carpenter - “Jim Henry”

Additional Credits

Jonathan Tritton - Director of Photography Callum Barre - Camera Assistant

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