No Deixis Que M'enfonsi (Don't Let Me Sink)



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A man who lives alone in the middle of nowhere, clings to his friendship with an aquatic monster and two friends with whom he shares moments and secrets. He spends the time guarding the water and its shore, while taking beer with his friends

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Directed by David Conill

Written by Alba Colomer

Cast Lead actor/actress - Pepo Blasco
Supporting actor/actress - Albert Ribalta
Supporting actor/actress - Pep Miràs

Key Creatives
Director of photography - Ivan Raga
Sound - Byron Abadia
Sound - Susanna Méndez
Sound editing - Byron Abadia
Costume designer - Aina Terrés
Camera operator - Ivan Raga
Camera operator - Roger Codina
Production manager - Nuri Vigué
Colourist - Nuri Vigué
Assistant editor - Jordi Amàrita
Editor - David Conill
Music soundtrack - Ernest Crusats
Drawing artist - Carles Gañarul
Production assistant - Albert Salarich
Production assistant - Pep Alvarez

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