Memory Man



Availability ended 8/28/2021 BST
In a future where psychic abilities are outlawed, the Memory Man makes a living dealing with uncomfortable memories for other people. Until the arrival of a hostile new client, finally forces him to confront unfinished business of his own. Winner of Best Overall Film 2020, Best 20 Minute Film,

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Directed by Christopher M Armstrong

Written by Danielle Wager

Production Company Encounter Films

Produced by Letizia Di Veroli

Cast Joplin Sibtain - “Memory Man” - (Safe - Hard Sun)
Mark Mansfield - “Client 1”
Nicholas Anscombe - “Client 2”
Sarah Whitehouse - “Mrs Memory Man”
Siri Steinmo - “Newsreader”
Kanchan Raval - “Nosey Neighbour”
Domenique Fragale - “Mistress”

Key Creatives
Stuart Middleton - Director of Photography
Alistair Saunders - Production Designer
Christopher M Armstrong - Editor
Cheri Darbon - Production Co-Ordinator
Zak Sanei - Camera Assistant
Louis Boniface - Boom/Sound Recordist
Tara Kane - Costume/Make Up
Molly Crowther - Make Up Assistant
Ben Jenkins - Venue Manager
John Anthony Rowland - Original Music
Ollie Andersen - Colourist
Jason Farrow - VFX Artist
Mark Webster / Soren Andersen - Sound Design
Adam Cole - Title Design

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