An insecure man creates the perfect life with a happiness app, but when he begins to doubt the app, it destroys him.
Following the advice of a happiness app, an insecure man coasts into the perfect life. But when an offhand comment makes him question the app, he begins to doubt all his choices and he systematically dismantles his life. Alone and miserable, he’s forced to create his own happiness. Available here until the 28th June, 2021.


The H.appiness team has NEWS for you

Vancouver BC: On July 1st 2021 the Harold Greenberg Funded short film H.appiness is set for wider distribution to a greater world. Directed by Vancouver local Luvia Petersen and produced in association with Download Joy Productions, the release is a milestone for the team and will substantially increases the film's audience.   

H.appiness was made possible by the support of the Harold Greenberg Fund. Alan Bacchus, the programs manager at HGF, had this to say about working with the team:

“In the nine years of our Shorts-to-Features Program, our collaboration with the Download Joy Productions team has been one of the most fruitful and fulfilling.”

WISFFF sends it's congratulations to Luvia and the Download Joy team on securing a distribution.  Bravo!

These links will take you to the short film depending on where you are watching it from:

Canada - July 1, 2021 - CRAVE Link (note this link is available in Canada only and is the main distribution)

Internationally - DUST (note these links are geo blocked in Canada)

YouTube, July 1, 2021 6 am PST: https://youtu.be/VhdI4jNpS60

Facebook, July 1, 2021 4am PST: https://fb.watch/6a2YWDJ5cz/


Film Images

Jessie Robertson Photography (@jessierobertsonphotography)


Directed by Luvia Petersen

Written by Huelah Lander

Production Company Download Joy Productions

Produced by Amanda Konkin

Cast Alex Weed - “Max”
Dani Alvarado - “Rose”
Catherine Lough Haggquist - “Joy”

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