Can't Go Home Again



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Past is Prologue
If you had the chance to go back into your own past to prevent a tragedy from happening, would you? Temporal Enforcement Agent Elliott Young goes against all her training and tries to do just that. Traumatised by the demons from her past, she strives to put right what once went wrong. Yet confronting her past is more difficult than she could imagine and fraught with consequence... Available until the 28th June, 2021

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Directed by Anthony J. Cook

Written by Anthony J. Cook

Production Company Light Fantastic

Produced by Alex Cook
Anthony J. Cook

Cast Victoria Smith - “Agent Elliott Young”
Ian Mairs - “Justin Gewalt”
Sophia Waterton - “Ellie Gewalt”
Hannah West - “Beverly Gewalt”
Owen Llewelyn - “Eraser Unit”
Lewis Vaughan-Jones - “The Voice of A.L.I.X.”

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