Babamimoun - Speakman Sound (Official Music Video)



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Winner 2020 : Best Animated Film / Winner 2020 : Best Music Video
This music video, animated all by one person, tells the story of an alien traveler from an advanced race who travels to the surface of a desolate planet, reawakens it and initiates a cycle that ends in the creation of life from death.

Director's Statement

I have always wanted to make a short fantasy sci-fi animation since I was very young, unsure about what medium to use I spent time experimenting with different formats as I grew up. I forgot all about the desire for a while as life got in the way, however after first finding, studying and eventually working in 3D for a few years I realised that perhaps I could give it another go. The tools have improved so vastly over the years in terms of 3D software and computing power, it has allowed a new breed of 3D short film maker to rise, one who can produce everything themselves all inside the computer. After a stint in the industry I decided to go freelance, to take advantage of these new tools and techniques, and so Babamimoun was born! The environmental theme came naturally to me for the project as it’s something I feel very strongly about, especially with current events being so polarised. However, I didn’t want it to be factual, rather, I wanted it to be based in fantasy, to allow people to have fun with it and perhaps to view the problems of the world through a different lens.

When I was young I used to watch lots of old sci-fi films, B movies and classics. These inspired me to chase the visual characteristics of a widescreen anamorphic 35 mm film camera, of course, because the whole thing was going to be 3D it meant it had to be emulated inside compositing which was a fun challenge. I have always liked stylised 3D and stop motion films and so after experimenting with a more realistic style in my previous music video I decided to expand my horizons with a painterly look. Hoping to allow the viewer to let go of reality a bit more and enjoy the fantasy world shown.

Throughout the whole film the contrasting colours blue and yellow are used to represent the two conflicting forces of man and nature and the fight to find a balance between them, personified by the yellow and blue grains in the hourglass falling down.

Film Images


Directed by Eidy Knowles

Cast Animation - Eidy Knowles

Music - Speakman Sound

Patrick Lee (Speaking Sound Ltd.) - Sound FX

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